Three Men and a Lady


DSC_0261 DSC_0248Alex, Rex, and Brody (first photo), Alex with Tiffany (in middle photo) and Brody with Tiffany (in bottom photo)



Alex and Brody attended their first Wreck parade at Georgia Tech this past weekend.  Here we all are introducing the boys to their new favorite vehicle: the Ramblin’ Wreck!

DSC_0170Brody (with Rex) and Alex (with Tiffany)



Happy Birthday Alex and Brody!

You really are the sweetest boys in the world.  So thoughtful and kind. You light up the room (and everyones faces) everywhere you go.  You love each other so much and it’s clear by how well you get along and share with each other.  You have such a desire to be obedient and you are super-duper patient with one another and your parents!  We love how much you enjoy reading books.  Your serious obsession with trucks is infectious – your mother now gets genuinely excited when she sees a construction site!

We have loved getting to know the two of you over the past two years.  We love how much you have in common, but we also love that your personalities and mannerisms are different in some very special ways.

10 + 2 things we love about Alex:

  • The way you smile and laugh all the time.
  • The way you dance – just like Stevie Wonder at his piano.
  • The way you walk up to a group of kids or adults and confidently look up, ready to join the conversation.
  • The way you want Brody to be included in EVERYTHING.  You are so thoughtful! If Brody doesn’t have something you have, you always ask “Brobro?” to ensure that somebody gives him the same thing you have.
  • Your love for Jesus.  You always want to read books about “Go-juice” and pray to him.
  • The way you sing “Ha Ha” when you want us to sing a song to you.
  • The way you walk so deliberately heel-toe heel-toe heel-toe.
  • The way you love animals of all sorts.
  • The way you grab food off of Brody’s tray (and your own) when it’s on the way to the sink.
  • The way you try desperately to squeeze your body into the tightest spaces, between furniture and walls, inside small boxes, underneath furniture!
  • How helpful you are around the house and elsewhere!  Every time a kid drops an instrument in music class, you make sure it is picked up immediately off the floor and placed in the box.
  • The way say certain words. Lamby (your pacifier) is “Me-a-mee”.  Juice is “geeuuushe”.   Shoes are “shoooosh”.

10 + 2 things we love about Brody:

  • How you are so good at sharing with kids smaller than you, like giving your toys to Henry or sharing your Easter egg with a baby who can’t crawl yet.
  • The way you always remind me to pray for the baby and my friend Kate on her bike.
  • The way you say “Ma-ma!” and “Dad-dy!” with the second syllable an octave higher than the first.
  • The way you run with your arms in LL position behind you.
  • How you point to your chest and refer to yourself in the 3rd person all the time. “Bro-Bro?”  Also how you point to and list everyone in our family to make sure we are all included in every activity whether it be eating dinner or driving to the grocery store or just talking about a place we are going to visit.
  • The way you love anything with wheels.
  • The way you love to hop on one foot and yell “Hop! Hop! Hop!” while you’re doing it
  • How excited you get when you hear people honk their cars.
  • How you jump up and down and clap when you are really happy or clap and give a high five when you see your mommy open up a jar or can that’s challenging!  So encouraging!
  • How determined you are to learn new tricks and figure things out.
  • The way you’ll go into a dark closet and suck your thumb for a few minutes when you need time alone – and then you emerge happy and ready to go!
  • How much you love to show us your muscles.

Thank you boys for coming into our lives!  We cannot wait to see you with your little brother when he arrives in April.  We could not ask for anyone better to help guide him!


On the gurney

Brody was looking sideways last night and ran right into a doorframe. He looked banged up, but no more than usual until this morning when he woke up groggy, crying, and holding his head. I was a little concerned until he started vomiting, then I got really concerned and called our pediatrician. The nurse advised us to make our way to the emergency room at the children’s hospital immediately for a CT scan.

Rex, thankfully, was able to meet us there. When Brody saw him, the sweet boy reached up for Rex to hold him and burst into tears. Poor baby.

Here are the guys, waiting for a visit from the nurse. Brody is on the gurney – Alex is in Rex’s lap.