Tiffany and Rhett




First Bath

Grandmother and Grandaddy Horton came to stay at our home for a few days while Rex and I were at the hospital. Alexander and Brody LOVED having “granmamadaddy” all to themselves for so many days and nights!

When we returned from the hospital with Rhett they offered to stay on a bit longer. I don’t think I’ve said “yes” to any offer more quickly (well, except for that time Rex asked me to marry him!)

The highlight of their stay was watching Grandmother give Rhett his first home bath. I don’t know who enjoyed it more – Grandmother or Rhett. All I can say is that he enjoyed this one WAY more than the scrub down the nurses gave him when he first made his grand appearance into the world!


Share your sippy cup.

The other day I asked Alex to share his sippy cup with Brody. The ensuing 30 seconds were so funny to me. 1.) Alex decided that Brody needed a little help getting the cup into his mouth. 2.) Then he made that hilarious face we all make when we are trying to feed anything to another person. 3.) As soon as the target was reached Brody was barely able to drink because he was giggling uncontrollably. These guys keep us smiling all day long.20131111-125728.jpg20131111-125815.jpg20131111-125906.jpg

Lord help us . . .

Here we are asking God to help us get good grades in school so that we can get into Georgia Tech in 16 years (if we want to) . . .

DSC_0330Here we go! In these shots we are on the roof of the new ULC, which will probably seem very old by the time the boys are ready for college.  Alex on left and Brody on right.