Where’d it go?

A few months ago, I taught the boys what to do with their arms when something/someone disappeared. Elbows to tummy, wrists by your shoulders, palms up. I had NO IDEA how often things in life disappeared. Someone leaves the room to grab something, I have to explain it. Any time a toy flies under a piece of furniture, they will turn to me in this pose. Anytime the boys think about their daddy and realize he is not around (basically ALL through the week) they say “daaayee”, look at me with this incredibly pitiful pose, and I have to explain that Daddy is at work.

I don’t mind it, though, especially when they look so precious in their wonder. I have been trying to capture it on video for weeks and finally got it yesterday. Pay attention to Brody when he realizes his stuffed dog is no longer on horseback. This is the little expression I get to see all day long. So cute!!

Next lesson: how to control the volume of our voice!!


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