All They Need Is Love

The boys realized this week that if they lay really still with their heads to the ground, I will come over and smother them with kisses while I say “little baby boy” over and over again. Now, all I have to do is say those three words and they will stop whatever they are doing (if its not too fascinating), put their heads to the ground and wait for me to kiss them.

To me it is the GREATEST THING EVER. Except: when they are lying there waiting for me to kiss them and I don’t even know it. Then I feel like a total jerk. Like the other day when I came around the corner and found Alex with his little bottom in the air and cheek on the floor just smiling quietly while he waited for me to finally come around and give him a kiss. How long had he been like that? You can bet he got a few extra kisses!


4 thoughts on “All They Need Is Love

  1. There was a season that I didn’t have my newsfeed, and I never saw this video! TIFFANY!!! They couldn’t be more precious! Ah, I hope they never grow out of it!

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