I don’t know how it happens, but it seems like every single thing the boys touch ends up underneath the furniture.  Rex and I have been spending a LOT of time on our stomachs lately, peeking under the sofa and chairs for missing toy parts.  It’s not a great shot (and Rex will probably shoot me for posting it!) but it totally captures where we are in our lives right now!

Speaking of which, nothing makes me happier than coming into some part of our home and finding a car or block or ball hidden in a strange place.  Rex says that for him it’s a reminder that there really are four people living in the same home and that you can’t just put something down (a toy, a kid, a shoe) and expect it to be in the same place when you get back.

For me, it’s just a little reminder of the mark these boys are making in our lives each and every day.  Ask us in five years what we think about the clutter – we may have a different answer – but I hope we will just see it as a reminder that God may not do things in the time frame that we want, but He always makes up for it in the end!


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