Father’s Day!

We had a wonderful weekend with Rex. First, he bought us new rugs for our living room and play space – which basically triples the amount of room we have to enjoy with the boys in the house! Then, on Friday night we got a babysitter and had a real live DATE. Rex took me to a delicious Mediterranean food restaurant in uptown Charlotte called Blue. It was a gorgeous night and a great chance to enjoy this pretty city.

THEN! On Saturday we went on a shopping spree to Buy Buy Baby. Rex was so sweet, he bought the boys lots of toys and books and some cute khaki shorts and socks that actually fit! He also bought a bubble machine because the bubbles I got at the grocery store are kind of stupid and don’t really work. (It takes major skill just to make one bubble.) So after dinner time Rex fired up the machine and let the bubbles fly around the boys in their high chairs. Baby Brody was not a fan. Totally burst into tears at the sight of all those bubbles!

Sunday we hung around the house and just enjoyed being a family and, of course, watching a bit of the US Open! Here is Rex, the greatest (seriously, the BEST) father on the planet, with his boys in a couple of onesies I made especially for Father’s Day.

Brody, Rex, Alex (right)

Brody loves Daddy. So does Alex!


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