Twin Friends

Ok. Soooo . . . we basically live in a retirement community. Seriously, the median age of our neighbors is about 78.

I love it.

I have always thought that living in an old folks home would be a highlight of my life. I would be surrounded by interesting people with tons of great stories, experiences, and skills to share. It would be just like moving back into the college dorms – but better! I just never imagined that I would have the opportunity to live in a place like this until I was really old. It is so much fun.

Truthfully, this place isn’t officially a retirement home, but no one walking in the front door would think otherwise unless they came through the doors at 4:30 yesterday afternoon! That was when we met up with our new friend Tricia Crocker and her two month old twins Jack and Henry.

Tricia and her husband J.R. live three floors below us in the same wing. They are from Atlanta. They had fraternal twin boys born within weeks of ours. They also met one another at a Buckhead Church singles event. J.R. went to Georgia Tech. And (here is the kicker) J.R. is good friends with my brother Josh! We had no idea about this until a couple of weeks after we moved in when Josh, after hearing from our Mother about a couple from Atlanta with twins in our building, connected the dots.

Now I see Tricia at least once a week to swap food, supplies, and tips. Here is a photo of the boys all together after we went for a walk yesterday! Their very first friends!



3 thoughts on “Twin Friends

    • Ooh! I forgot to add one of the most amazing parts. Their Georgia home is in Douglasville! They, like us, are renting it out to another couple during their stay in Charlotte. Craziness!

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