How I spent my last few hours as a woman without children.

1. Went to eat a big Mexican lunch – Rex surprised me and showed up!
2. Picked up a bunch of groceries.
3. Returned some batteries I purchased that weren’t the right size.
4. Picked up the dry cleaning!
5. Went to the leasing office to reserve the guest suite in our apartment complex.
6. Unloaded the groceries with three trips up the flight of stairs from the garage to the kitchen.
7. Washed and dried two loads of laundry.
8. Baked cookies!
9. Changed the bed sheets on both beds.
10. Loaded and ran the dishwasher (oh, wait, did I actually turn that on??? Shoot, I can’t remember.)
11. Cleaned out the refrigerator.
12. Scrubbed down the bathroom.
13. Rearranged the furniture and cleaned the baby/guest room.
14. Picked up and stored away my sewing supplies (I finished sewing the linens for the baby bed just yesterday!!)
15. Took a shower, washed, dried, and hot rolled my hair!
16. Gathered up Rex’s toiletries.
17. Put on my makeup.
18. Cleaned out my handbag.
19. Packed the last of our hospital supplies in the van.
20. Gathered and tied up the trash.
21. In the midst of all of this, of course, I made the necessary calls to alert our family of the big news.

I accomplished all this in a mere four hours!

When it was all done, I couldn’t help but think of how my Daddy acted when Mother went into labor with Royal. He turned into crazy fast talking man – like he was on speed!

My own ridiculous productivity all seemed so remarkable because, no joke, doing two or three of these things in a day would be a major accomplishment throughout this latter portion of my pregnancy. Suddenly because I WANTED to go into labor, I didn’t mind the crazy contractions and heavy breathing – this was just getting me closer to where I wanted to be!

Now I’m sitting in a hospital bed with a million tubes running from my body to various monitors and I am SO GLAD I got all that done because I feel terribly helpless and pitiful right now.

More updates to come!!


One thought on “How I spent my last few hours as a woman without children.

  1. You never cease to amaze me, Tiffany. I started the morning praying for you, Rex, and your sons (actually, your parents too since they are in the midst of a lot of activity themselves)! And I asked the ladies in my small group last night to keep you in their prayers. I am so glad that Josh and Lauren got married so I get to follow your story! I am so looking forward to seeing these two new little boys!!!

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