Step Right Up!

OK, people, it’s time to lay down your bets and guess when you expect these boys to arrive!  FYI – our official due date is November 22.  Please take a moment and let us know what you forecast for the following by clicking on the link below that says “Leave a reply”

  1. Delivery Date (and times?)
  2. Weight of Baby A and Weight of Baby B
  3. Any guesses for their names?

15 thoughts on “Step Right Up!

  1. Oh, so fun!! I can’t wait to meet these boys!

    1. Nov. 1 (9:24am, 9:42am)
    2. Baby A – 6lbs 8oz, Baby B – 6 lbs 5 oz (he’s been working it off a bit more in there)
    3. What a jerk took my answer. 😉 I’ll go with two of the boys’: Jake and Jonathan

  2. I second What A Jerk’s guesses for weight and names. But I think the birthdate will be October 28th. Sometime in the afternoon. Hooray for the boys!

  3. 1. October 28th
    2. Baby A: 4#15 Baby B 4#12
    3. Names: Drayton and Teague

    I am really wanting babies to wait until November and be fatter…

  4. Good stuff so far! We have changed that name 6 times already today!
    Just to throw everyone off from Beau and Anthony (thanks for spoiling the surprise Beau), I am going with:

    1. Oct. 28, 2011 (11:24 pm) and (11:42pm)
    2. Baby A 4#8 and Baby B 5#2
    3. Bryant and Dodd?? -see my comment above ; )

    Thanks for playing guys; this has been so much fun for us during the wait!
    Love you All!

  5. November 4 2011, 4:15pm 4:21pm
    Baby A 5lb 3oz , Baby B 5lb
    Dean,Dade, Brae,Finn,Cal—this is so much fun, I can’t get it down to two!

  6. Ok. I’m not going to make any guesses here, but I have to say that all of your name suggestions are seriously messing with my mind. They are all so good that I’m really starting to wonder if we’re doing the right thing….
    Beau, Jeanine, Josh and Lauren – I cannot remember if we guessed names for your kids. If so, I would have appreciated a bit of a warning that this was a VERY bad idea!
    Just kidding, keep ’em coming. This is totally fascinating and a great resource for baby #3!!

  7. 1.) Friday November 11th (Baby A born 7:00pm and Baby B born @ 7:15 pm)
    2.) Baby A: 5#8oz. Baby B: 5#4 oz.
    3.) Names: Drayton and Teague

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